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"WOW!! Just Wow!!! This book is just AMAZING!!! There is a reason why Karena Marie is one of my favorite authors, and it is called talent!!!! Her talent is undeniable and shines through her versatility and style!!!" 

"Very well written, with a very interesting story, a great plot, lots of fantastic twists and deep, sexy and sweet characters it is completely addictive!!!" 

"Hypnotizing from the first page, Lukas and Karly's very emotional connection, their sizzling chemistry, and the dynamic of the book will blow you away!!!"

Karly has been waiting for a man like Lukas to come along. Then, one day, this 6'6, 280 lbs of pure muscle, hunk of a man, literally, walks into her life. Lukas, along with Wolf, are visiting from Germany and are in town to meet Mitchell, the president of the local bike gang. Both gangs have a strong dislike for a rival club. They decide that an alliance between their two clubs would be beneficial. Mitchell is being a great host, providing his guests with anything they desire. Lukas quickly realizes he desires Karly, and not just for a night. Mitchell, despite being married, also wants Karly, although she has made it clear she is not interested in him. Not wanting to cause problems with his new alliance, Mitchell stands back while Lukas and Karly get to know each other. Mitchell has no idea how serious Lukas is about Karly, nor how she feels about him. He figures when Lukas returns to Germany, he will forget all about Karly and he can continue to persuade her to become his number one mistress. If he knew the truth...

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